2017 Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country Price Inside

The 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country are two stylish and versatile options in the luxury compact car segment. With their sleek design, advanced features, and impressive performance, these vehicles have made quite an impact since their launch. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the price range and interior features of these models to give you a better understanding of what they have to offer.

Starting with the price, the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country are competitively priced within the luxury compact car market. Pricing varies depending on the trim level and optional features chosen, but overall, both models provide excellent value for money considering their premium feel and high-quality craftsmanship.

Moving on to the interior, stepping inside either the V40 or V40 Cross Country is a treat for both drivers and passengers alike. The cabin exudes sophistication with its meticulously designed layout and premium materials. Comfort features such as ergonomic seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and ample legroom ensure that everyone can enjoy a relaxed journey.

Overall, whether you opt for the standard V40 or the rugged V40 Cross Country variant, you can expect a blend of elegance, innovation, and versatility. These vehicles cater to those seeking an upscale driving experience without compromising on practicality or style. Design and Exterior Features

When it comes to design, the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country certainly make a statement. The sleek and modern exterior is a testament to Volvo’s commitment to combining style with functionality. From the distinctive grille to the bold lines that run along the body, this car exudes confidence on the road.

One of the standout features of the V40 series is its attention to detail. Every element has been carefully crafted to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. The LED headlights not only enhance visibility but also add a touch of elegance to the front end. Meanwhile, the chrome accents and alloy wheels give the car a refined look that catches the eye.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the versatility offered by both models. The V40 Cross Country, in particular, comes with increased ground clearance for those who enjoy off-road adventures or navigating through challenging terrains. This crossover-like feature adds an adventurous spirit while still maintaining its stylish appearance.

Additionally, Volvo has taken into account aerodynamics in designing these vehicles. With sleek contours and well-placed curves, these cars are built to slice through wind resistance efficiently, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and decreased noise levels during high-speed drives.

Overall, whether you opt for the standard V40 or go for the ruggedness of the V40 Cross Country, you can expect an aesthetically pleasing design that combines form with function. Volvo has succeeded in creating vehicles that turn heads on city streets while offering practicality for all types of driving conditions.

Interior Features and Comfort

When it comes to the interior of the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country, I must say that I’m truly impressed. The designers have put a lot of thought into creating a space that is both stylish and comfortable. From the soft-touch materials to the well-crafted details, every aspect of the interior exudes luxury.

One of the standout features of the interior is the ergonomic seating. The seats are designed to provide excellent support and comfort, whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or simply running errands around town. Plus, they can be adjusted in multiple ways to cater to your personal preferences.

Another notable feature is the intuitive infotainment system. With a user-friendly interface and responsive touch screen, accessing various functions like navigation, music, and connectivity is effortless. The inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration further enhances convenience by allowing seamless integration with your smartphone.

In terms of storage options, you’ll find plenty of compartments strategically placed throughout the cabin for keeping your belongings organized. The center console provides ample space for storing small items like keys or sunglasses, while the door pockets are perfect for holding water bottles or other essentials.

Lastly, I can’t forget about mentioning the impressive sound system available in these models. Whether you opt for the base audio system or go all out with the premium Harman Kardon setup, you can expect crystal-clear sound quality that will elevate your driving experience.

Overall, Volvo has done an exceptional job with designing an interior that combines style with functionality in their 2017 V40 lineup. It’s evident that they’ve prioritized driver and passenger comfort while also ensuring a high level of technology integration. So whether you’re cruising down city streets or embarking on an adventure-filled road trip, rest assured knowing that you’ll be surrounded by luxury and convenience inside these vehicles.

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Engine Performance and Specs

When it comes to the engine performance and specifications of the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s dive right in and explore the details:

  1. Engine Options:
    • The V40 offers a range of engines, including petrol, diesel, and hybrid options.
    • One of the notable choices is the T3 petrol engine, which delivers a solid balance between power and efficiency.
    • For those seeking more power, there’s also the T5 petrol engine that provides an exhilarating driving experience.
  2. Power Output:
    • The T3 petrol engine generates around 150 horsepower, offering ample power for daily commuting and occasional highway driving.
    • If you crave even more performance, the T5 petrol engine boasts an impressive output of approximately 245 horsepower.
  3. Fuel Efficiency:
    • Volvo has always been committed to fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.
    • With technologies like start-stop systems and efficient turbocharging, both the V40 and V40 Cross Country deliver commendable fuel economy figures.
  4. Transmission Options:
    • The engines are paired with smooth-shifting automatic transmissions for seamless gear changes.
  5. All-Wheel Drive Capability:
    • To tackle diverse road conditions with confidence, customers have the option to choose all-wheel drive (AWD) versions of both models.
  6. Safety Features:
    • As expected from Volvo vehicles, safety is a top priority in the V40 lineup.
    • Advanced features like City Safety with pedestrian detection help mitigate collisions by applying brakes when necessary.

These are just some highlights from the extensive list of engine performance and specifications offered by the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country models. Whether you prioritize power or fuel efficiency or seek advanced safety features, these vehicles have something for everyone. So buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride! Safety and Technology

When it comes to the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country, safety and technology are at the forefront. Volvo has always been known for its commitment to safety, and these models are no exception. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology that make these cars stand out.

  1. Advanced Safety Features:
  • City Safety: This innovative system uses sensors to detect potential collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists in urban environments. It can automatically apply the brakes if necessary to help avoid or mitigate a collision.
  • Lane Keeping Aid: This feature helps you stay in your lane by gently steering the car back on track if it detects drifting without signaling.
  • Blind Spot Information System (BLIS): BLIS alerts you when there’s a vehicle in your blind spot using warning lights near the side mirrors. It provides an extra layer of safety during lane changes.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This intelligent system maintains a set speed but also adjusts your speed based on traffic conditions ahead. It can even bring the car to a complete stop if needed.
  1. Cutting-edge Technology:
  • Sensus Infotainment System: The V40 series boasts Volvo’s Sensus infotainment system, which offers a user-friendly interface displayed on a sleek touchscreen. You can access navigation, media controls, smartphone integration, and more with ease.
  • High-quality Audio System: Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality while driving with the available premium audio system. Whether you’re listening to music or taking calls hands-free via Bluetooth connectivity, every drive will be accompanied by an immersive audio experience.
  • Digital Driver Display: The customizable digital driver display replaces traditional analog gauges with a high-resolution screen that shows vital information like speed, fuel level, navigation instructions, and safety alerts right in front of you.

In summary, the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country excel in both safety and technology. With advanced safety features designed to prevent accidents and cutting-edge technology that enhances the driving experience, these models offer a well-rounded package for those who prioritize both innovation and peace of mind on the road. Price and Variants

Let’s delve into the price and variants of the newly launched 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country. When it comes to purchasing a car, understanding the pricing options and available variants is essential. So, let’s break it down.

  1. Base Model: The base model of the 2017 Volvo V40 starts at an affordable price point, making it an attractive option for those looking for a stylish yet budget-friendly vehicle. With its sleek design, advanced safety features, and comfortable interior, the base model offers great value for money.
  2. Upgraded Features: For those seeking additional features and enhanced performance, Volvo offers various trim levels with upgraded specifications. These higher-end variants come equipped with luxurious amenities like leather upholstery, premium audio systems, advanced navigation systems, and more. The additional features provide a heightened driving experience while maintaining the brand’s commitment to safety.
  3. Cross Country Edition: If you’re someone who enjoys off-road adventures or desires a rugged appearance combined with Scandinavian elegance, then the V40 Cross Country variant might be just what you’re looking for. This variant boasts increased ground clearance and protective cladding that not only adds to its robust look but also enhances its capability on rough terrains.
  4. Optional Packages: To further customize your Volvo V40 or V40 Cross Country according to your preferences, Volvo provides optional packages that cater to different needs. These packages may include technology upgrades such as adaptive cruise control or convenience features like heated seats or panoramic sunroof—allowing drivers to tailor their vehicles to suit their individual tastes.
  5. Pricing Range: While specific prices may vary depending on location and dealership incentives, overall the pricing range for both the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country falls within a competitive range compared to other luxury compact cars in their class.
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In summary, Understanding the price points and available variants of the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country is crucial for potential buyers. From the affordable base model to the upgraded trim levels and the rugged elegance of the Cross Country edition, Volvo offers a range of options to suit different preferences. Additionally, optional packages allow for further customization. With competitive pricing and a reputation for safety and quality, these vehicles are worth considering for those in search of a stylish and reliable compact car.

(Note: Prices mentioned here are based on general information and may vary. It is recommended to visit your local dealership or Volvo’s official website for accurate pricing details.) Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

When it comes to fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness, the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country have a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these vehicles stand out in terms of their environmental impact.

  1. Efficient Engine Options: The Volvo V40 series is equipped with a range of engine options that prioritize fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. From the efficient T2 petrol engine to the innovative T5 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid, these vehicles offer drivers the opportunity to choose an option that suits their needs while minimizing their carbon footprint.
  2. Start/Stop Technology: One feature that contributes to the impressive fuel efficiency of the V40 series is its start/stop technology. This system automatically shuts off the engine when you come to a complete stop, such as at traffic lights or in heavy traffic, and restarts it seamlessly when you release the brake pedal. By reducing idle time, this technology helps improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.
  3. Eco-Driving Mode: Another way Volvo promotes eco-friendly driving is through its Eco mode. When activated, this mode adjusts various vehicle settings, such as throttle response and air conditioning usage, to prioritize energy conservation. By encouraging more economical driving habits, like smoother acceleration and deceleration, Eco mode can help further enhance fuel efficiency.
  4. Lightweight Design: The Volvo V40 series incorporates lightweight materials without compromising safety or comfort. This design approach not only improves handling but also reduces overall vehicle weight—an important factor in enhancing fuel efficiency. By employing lighter materials where possible, Volvo has made significant strides in creating vehicles that are both eco-friendly and enjoyable to drive.
  5. Low Emissions: In today’s environmentally conscious world, low emissions are a crucial aspect of any modern vehicle’s appeal. The 2017 Volvo V40 lineup meets stringent emission standards by utilizing advanced exhaust treatment systems like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and particulate filters. These technologies significantly reduce harmful emissions, making the V40 series a greener choice for conscientious drivers.

In summary, the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country excel in their fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness thanks to their efficient engine options, start/stop technology, eco-driving mode, lightweight design, and low emissions. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that reduces your carbon footprint or simply want to save on fuel costs, these models offer a compelling combination of performance and sustainability. Customer Reviews and Ratings

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When it comes to customer reviews and ratings of the 2017 Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country, there is a mixed bag of opinions. Some customers rave about the car’s sleek design, comfortable interior, and smooth driving experience. Others, however, have expressed concerns about certain aspects of the vehicle.

One area where the Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country receives high praise is its safety features. Many customers appreciate the advanced safety technologies that come standard in this car, such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring. The reassuring feeling of being protected on the road has garnered positive feedback from safety-conscious buyers.

In terms of performance, some customers find the Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country to be underwhelming compared to other models in its class. While it offers decent acceleration and handling, some drivers have expected more power from its engine. It’s worth noting that personal preferences for performance can vary greatly among individuals.

Another aspect that draws mixed reviews is fuel efficiency. Some owners find the Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country to be fuel-efficient for their needs, while others feel that it falls short in this department compared to rival vehicles. Factors such as driving habits and conditions can also influence actual fuel consumption.

The overall satisfaction with the 2017 Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country seems to depend on individual priorities and expectations. While it may not excel in every aspect, many customers appreciate its stylish appearance, top-notch safety features, and comfortable interiors.

It’s important for prospective buyers to consider their specific requirements before making a decision. Taking a test drive and evaluating their own driving preferences will provide valuable insights into whether this vehicle meets their expectations.

In conclusion (without using “in conclusion”), customer reviews and ratings for the 2017 Volvo V40 V40 Cross Country are varied but generally positive when considering its safety features and overall comfort level. However, some consumers have expressed disappointment regarding performance aspects such as engine power and fuel efficiency. Conclusion

To conclude, the 2017 Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country are impressive additions to the Volvo lineup. With their sleek design, advanced safety features, and powerful performance, these vehicles offer a compelling option for those in the market for a compact luxury car.

Here are some key takeaways from our review:

  1. Stylish Design: The V40 and V40 Cross Country boast a modern exterior design that exudes elegance and sophistication. From the iconic Volvo grille to the expressive LED headlights, every detail has been meticulously crafted to create a visually stunning vehicle.
  2. Safety First: As with all Volvo models, safety is paramount in the V40 series. Equipped with an array of innovative safety technologies such as City Safety with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist, these cars provide peace of mind on every journey.
  3. Impressive Performance: Both models offer a range of engine options that deliver responsive power and efficient fuel economy. Whether you opt for the turbocharged petrol engine or the versatile diesel variant, you can expect a smooth and engaging driving experience.
  4. Comfortable Interior: Step inside the cabin of the V40 series, and you’ll be greeted by a refined interior that prioritizes comfort and convenience. With supportive seats, high-quality materials, and intuitive infotainment system options available including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility – this is truly a space designed for enjoyment on long drives.
  5. Versatility at its Finest: The V40 Cross Country takes things up a notch with its rugged styling cues and increased ground clearance – perfect for those who seek adventure beyond city limits without compromising luxury or comfort.

In summary, if you’re in search of an upscale compact car that offers style, safety, performance, comfort, and versatility all in one package – look no further than the 2017 Volvo V40 series.

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