Green Valley, NV Car Wash
Our Location: 4625 E SUNSET RD. HENDERSON, NV 89014 (702) 433-8111

Full-Service Car Wash
The Full-Service wash includes:

Exterior Wash
Spot Free Rinse
Undercarriage Flush
Microfiber Towel Dry
Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Console Dusted
Rims & Tires Washed
Windows Cleaned Inside & Out
This essential interior and exterior wash is perfect to keep your car feeling fresh every day of the week!

Silver Service – $17.95
Gold Service – $22.95
Diamond Service – $27.95
Platinum Service – $34.95
Express Car Wash – $8.00
Exterior Wash
Spot Free Rinse
Undercarriage Flush
Microfiber Towel Dry
Super Express Car Wash – $12.00

Offline Hand Car Wash – $ 25.00*

Our offline Hand Car Wash is perfect for specialty vehicles. If your car is your baby, we will happily give it the attention it deserves and wash it by hand rather than taking it through the tunnel. Please be specific with our service writers about the care you’d like us to take with your car. Be aware that this wash takes a little more time than the automated wash.

Boat and RV Hand Wash – Call for Quote

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