How Many Car Washes Are in the United States?

How Many Car Washes Are in the United States


Car Washes in the United States: A Deeper Dive

The number of car washes in the United States is a question that has piqued the interest of many. With a booming economy and a significant increase in car ownership, it’s no surprise that this is a popular inquiry. According to recent statistics, there are over 113,000 car washes operating in the US presently. It is important to note that this figure includes both automated and hand-operated car wash facilities.

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Looks like America is really keeping it clean with over 100,000 car washes nationwide.

Total number of car washes in the United States

The automotive industry of the United States is colossal and diverse. Among the various services that this sector provides, car washes stand out. The numbers are staggering and the statistics will get you surprised.

In the table below, we illustrate the total number of car washes in the United States along with their respective types and locations.

Car Wash Type Number of Locations
Self-service 18,000
In-bay automatics 58,400
Tunnel washes 37,900

Besides these stats, another fascinating detail to know is that each state has varying numbers of car washes. However, California leads by a long shot with a whopping 7,500 car wash facilities.

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Car wash industry revenue

Looking into the statistics of the car wash industry can give us insights into their revenue. According to recent data, the vehicle cleaning and maintenance sector generates substantial profits every year.

Below is a table showing the revenue obtained by various car wash businesses in the United States:

Type of Car Wash Annual Revenue
Self-service $300 million
In-bay automatic $3 billion
Exterior conveyor $5.8 billion
Full-service $11 billion

It’s interesting to note that full-service car washes have a much higher annual revenue compared to other categories. Additionally, exterior conveyor washes also generate a significant profit due to their popularity.

The car wash industry continues to thrive, with more than 135 vehicle washing facilities operating in each state in the US. With such high competition and an increasing demand for efficient and eco-friendly solutions, there’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs to invest in this business.

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Trends in the car wash industry

There has been a surge in the car wash industry across the United States. The penetration of automatic car washes has increased exponentially, and people have started preferring these over manual ones. It is evident that technology adoption rates have propelled this growth, leading to a more significant number of new entrants in the market.

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Furthermore, people are now more aware of eco-friendly practices and lean towards using waterless or touchless car wash methods for their vehicles. These techniques consume less water while still providing an excellent finish to the car’s exterior.

According to a report by IBISWorld, there are approximately 113000 car wash facilities in the US as of 2021.

It is fascinating to see how trends change with time and how businesses adapt to changing consumer behaviours.

Looks like there are more car washes in the US than politicians who change their minds.


The number of car washes in the United States is significant and continues to grow with increasing demand for auto care services. These facilities vary in scale, from automated machines to high-end detailing services. They serve both individual consumers and commercial fleets.

What’s more, car washes come in different forms; some are self-service, while others offer full detailing services. Factors such as location, demographic of clients and availability of resources determine the type of car wash that works best within the particular area.

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of various car wash types can help entrepreneurs determine which model will meet their target market’s needs and generate revenue efficiently. Utilizing multiple marketing channels such as social media and targeted customer retention programs can also facilitate growth within a competitive industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many car washes are there in the United States?

A: As of 2021, there are approximately 80,000 car wash locations in the United States.

Q: What types of car washes are included in this count?

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A: This count includes all types of car washes, from self-serve and automated car washes to full-service car washes.

Q: Are all 80,000 car washes operational?

A: No, not all car washes are operational. Some may be closed temporarily for repairs or maintenance, while others may have gone out of business.

Q: How does the number of car washes in the United States compare to other countries?

A: The United States has the largest number of car wash locations in the world, with the second-largest being China with approximately 45,000 car washes.

Q: Why are there so many car washes in the United States?

A: The abundance of cars in the United States, coupled with the fact that many people view their cars as a reflection of themselves and want to keep them clean, creates a high demand for car wash services.

Q: Is there a way to find car washes near me?

A: Yes, there are several ways to find car washes near your location, including using online directories, mobile apps, or GPS devices.

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