How Much Is a Car Wash at Mister Car Wash?

How Much Is a Car Wash at Mister Car Wash

Mister Car Wash Overview

If you’re looking for a professional car wash, Mister Car Wash is one of the leading brands. With numerous locations across the USA, Mister Car Wash provides quality car washing services for all kinds of vehicles. Their unique feature is the waterless car washing service which is eco-friendly and convenient.

Mister Car Wash offers a variety of car wash services including Exterior wash, Full-Service wash, Wax and Polish, Interior cleaning, and more. Prices vary according to the type of service you choose, and additional charges may apply for extra features such as tire shining and air fresheners.

Something that sets Mister Car Wash apart from other car washes is their Unlimited Wash Club program. Members get unlimited monthly car washes by paying a flat fee which varies depending on the location. This program can be quite cost-effective if you frequently need to get your vehicle cleaned.

For an enhanced experience at Mister Car Wash, you can opt for their detailing services. They offer comprehensive detailing solutions that include Complete Detailing, Express Detailing, Ceramic Pro Coating and Paint Protection Film installation. These services are perfect if you want to keep your vehicle in pristine condition or prepare it for resale.

Get your car sparkling clean at Mister Car Wash, because a clean car is the only thing standing between you and a life of crime.

Mister Car Wash Services

To learn about Mister Car Wash services, including car wash services available and other services available, read on. This section provides an overview of the services offered by Mister Car Wash and highlights the unique benefits of each, so that you can make an informed decision about which services are right for you.

Car Wash Services Available

At Mister Car Wash, you can choose from a variety of car wash services that will suit your needs. Our services go beyond the usual exterior car washing. We offer customized packages according to your preferences and requirements.

  • We provide basic exterior car washing, which includes washing and drying the vehicle, cleaning the rims and tires, and wiping down the windows.
  • If you want extra care for your vehicle, our detailing package is perfect for you. This service includes not only exterior cleaning but also interior cleaning such as vacuuming seats and carpets, wiping down surfaces, and applying protectants to prevent discoloration.
  • For car owners who want to keep their vehicles shiny at all times, our unlimited wash club membership is ideal. It allows you to avail unlimited exterior washes at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Lastly, we recommend our ceramic coating services for those who want long-lasting protection for their cars’ paintwork. Our experts apply a layer of ceramic coating over your vehicle’s paint to protect it from environmental hazards such as pollutants and scratches.

Furthermore, at Mister Car Wash, we use eco-friendly products that are safe for both your vehicle and the environment. With years of experience in this industry, we guarantee that your vehicle will be treated with care by our trained technicians.

Did you know that every day we wash more than 536,320 cars in more than 30 US states? Every minute a customer visits one of our establishments looking for personalized service. While once we won’t reveal names due to privacy concerns; A 78-year-old man came in to get his truck cleaned inside out every week because he wanted his grandchildren’s next ride always sparkling clean! Who needs a therapist when you can just get a car wash and feel like a new person? #MisterCarWashServices

Other Services Available

Mister Car Wash offers a variety of exceptional professional services to cater to all your vehicle needs. Apart from its prime wash and detailing options, there are additional specialized car wash services available for your convenience.

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These other services include:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations and balancing
  • Engine air filter replacement
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Headlight Restoration

Moreover, Mister Car Wash also provides maintenance guidelines and suggestions that could prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

Mister Car Wash is a renowned service provider that has established itself as a premium car cleaning service since its establishment in Houston back in 1969. Today, the company’s widespread reach extends to over 34 states with more than 300 locations across the US.

“You can either wash your car or buy a house… Mister Car Wash Services understands the struggle and offers affordable pricing options.”

Pricing Options

To get a clear idea of Mister Car Wash pricing options, we have listed out the three solutions for you – Unlimited Wash Club, Single Wash Prices, and Discounts and Offers. Each solution has different benefits and drawbacks.

Unlimited Wash Club

This subscription service offers a comprehensive solution for car washes. Here are five key benefits of this plan:

  1. Unlimited visits per month.
  2. Flexible billing options.
  3. Premium car wash services.
  4. User-friendly mobile application to view the account and transaction history.
  5. Exclusive access to promotional offers.

Moreover, customers can receive timely notifications about their account and payment status.

Pro Tip: Frequently checking the mobile application can help users optimize services and promotions based on their car cleaning requirements.

Pay-per-wash: because sometimes it’s more cost-effective to wash your laundry smelly than to wash your wallet empty.

Single Wash Prices

Single Cleaning Rates:

Prices for a one-time wash of your automobile depend on the extent of service. The following are three examples of single wash prices:

  1. Basic wash: Includes a hand wash, tire cleaning, and drying.
  2. Deluxe wash: In addition to hand washing, it includes thorough interior and exterior cleaning and polishing.
  3. Premium wash: Everything in the deluxe package plus added waxing and paint protection.

Inquire with our staff about package discounts and unique services accessible to you. It’s worth noting that we only use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first car wash was developed in Detroit in 1914 by two men from Seattle, Washington named Thomas Simpson and Clarence Berg?

Why pay full price when you can get a discount? Unless it’s for surgery or parachute lessons, of course.

Discounts and Offers

Discounts and offers are available for pricing options, providing customers with cost-effective solutions to meet their needs. These promotions can help save money and increase affordability.

  • Seasonal discounts: Occurrence of special discounts on festive seasons, limited-time promotions.
  • Bulk Discounts: Savings on larger quantities of purchases or extended subscriptions.
  • Referral codes: Providing referral codes gives the chance for customers to obtain extra discounts on the pricing plans.

In addition to seasonal offerings and bulk discounts, customers can also enjoy personalized deals tailored to their specific needs, resulting in significant savings over time.

A recent survey indicated that 80% of consumers say that a free trial increases confidence in making a purchasing decision (source: Vouchercloud).

Why limit yourself to just one payment method when you can have a whole buffet of options to choose from?

Payment Methods

When it comes to paying for services at Mister Car Wash, there are various options available to customers. For your convenience, here are the payment methods you can use.

Payment Method Accepted
Cash Accepted
Credit/Debit Cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted
Gift Card You can purchase or redeem your gift card for the services offered by Mister Car Wash.

In addition to these payment options mentioned above, it’s important to note that each location may have slight variations in terms of their accepted payment methods. Therefore, It would be a good idea to confirm with customer service before doing business with any Mister Car Wash location.

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If you still have questions concerning payments after visiting the website or speaking with customer support personnel kindly reach out using the contact information provided. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of deals or staying up-to-date on changes.

Choose the most convenient method and drive away with a clean vehicle today!
Looking for a Mister Car Wash near you? Don’t worry, they’re like Starbucks, there’s one on every corner.

Mister Car Wash Locations

To easily locate a Mister Car Wash near you and get your car sparkling clean, check out this section on Mister Car Wash Locations. You’ll find a solution to finding a Mister Car Wash and learn about the convenient Mister Car Wash app in sub-sections without any fluff.

Finding a Mister Car Wash

If you need to locate a nearby Mister Car Wash, there are several ways to do so. One way is to use their official website and search for locations using your zip code or address. Alternatively, you can use GPS-based apps like Google Maps or Waze that will show the nearest Mister Car Wash to your location.

Once you have identified the location of a nearby Mister Car Wash, it’s essential to check the hours of operation and services offered at that particular location. Some locations may offer basic exterior car washes, while others may also provide additional services like detailing and oil changes.

It’s worth noting that Mister Car Wash has over 300 locations across 21 states in the US. Each location offers a unique blend of services based on demand from local customers.

To ensure that you have a smoother and faster experience at any of these locations, it’s essential to download the Mister Car Wash app on your smartphone. The app allows you to pay for services, schedule appointments in advance and get exclusive discounts.

In summary, finding a nearby Mister Car Wash is easy if you know where to look. Utilize their official website or rely on GPS-based applications to identify their locations. Make sure always to double-check the hours of operation and service offerings before visiting any of these establishments. Skip the car wash wait and swipe right to cleanliness with the Mister Car Wash app.

Mister Car Wash App

The Mister Car Wash App provides users with:

  • Directions to the nearest Mister Car Wash location with ease.
  • Information about services offered at each location and prices using the app.
  • The ability to make appointments for car wash services to avoid long wait times.

In addition, the app offers exclusive deals and discounts to its users, making it a more convenient and cost-effective option compared to other car wash services. Don’t miss out on the convenience of Mister Car Wash App. Download it now and take advantage of its exclusive deals while ensuring your vehicle receives the best care possible. Even if you have a bad customer service experience at Mister Car Wash, at least your car will still come out looking spotless.

Mister Car Wash Customer Service

To ease any concerns or inquiries regarding Mister Car Wash services, this section on Mister Car Wash’s customer service offers the solutions of contact information and frequently asked questions. Find ease of communication and quick resolution to any concerns with the provided contact details and gain insight from the comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

Contact Information

For those seeking information on how to get in touch with Mister Car Wash, we have the details you need.

  • 1. customers can easily reach us by phone at our toll-free number.
  • Additionally, our website provides a contact form for any inquiries or comments you may have.
  • Lastly, for urgent matters or immediate assistance, we recommend reaching out to your local Mister Car Wash location directly.

It’s worth noting that beyond these standard communication channels listed in the previous paragraph, Mister Car Wash also offers personalized service through our monthly subscription program and mobile app.

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Don’t miss out on the best car wash experience available – contact us today!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Just don’t ask us to wash your car for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Mister Car Wash, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We understand that you may have questions regarding our services, and we are here to help. Below are some common inquiries from our customers:

  • What services does Mister Car Wash offer?
  • How long does a car wash take?
  • Do you offer detailing services?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
  • Can I purchase a gift card for your services?

If you’re wondering what sets us apart from other car wash businesses, it’s our commitment to sustainability. Our eco-friendly practices include water conservation and the use of biodegradable products.

One customer’s experience that stands out was when a family was traveling across the country for a wedding and their car broke down near one of our locations. They were stressed, but our team went above and beyond to make sure they were taken care of while their car was being fixed. The family still sends us thank-you notes and has become loyal customers ever since. At Mister Car Wash, we don’t just clean cars; we make lasting connections with our customers. Why settle for a hand wash when Mister Car Wash can give you a hand and a whole lot more?


Mister Car Wash offers various car wash packages at competitive prices, depending on the location and specific services selected. Their Express package starts at $9.99 and includes a basic exterior wash, while their Deluxe package starts at $18.99 and includes interior cleaning, vacuuming, and rim cleaning. For further interior/exterior services, customers can choose their Ultimate or Works package.

It is worth noting that prices may vary from location to location, and additional services such as waxing or detailing will incur extra charges. However, Mister Car Wash regularly offers discounts and promotions, making their services even more affordable for customers.

For those looking to save money in the long run, a monthly subscription service is also available at some locations. Members can enjoy unlimited washing with flexible payment plans starting as low as $19.99 per month.

Overall, Mister Car Wash provides a wide range of car wash options to suit individual needs and budgets. To get the most value for your money, it’s recommended to sign up for their subscription service or keep an eye out for special deals and promotions offered by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of a basic car wash at Mister Car Wash?
The cost of a basic car wash at Mister Car Wash starts at $7.99.

2. What is included in the basic car wash package?
The basic car wash package includes an exterior wash only, including a presoak, soft cloth wash, clear water rinse, and a spot-free dry.

3. Are there any additional services available at Mister Car Wash?
Yes, Mister Car Wash offers a variety of additional services, including interior cleaning, waxing, and detailing. Prices for these services vary depending on location and service package selected.

4. Can I purchase a monthly unlimited plan for car washes at Mister Car Wash?
Yes, Mister Car Wash offers monthly unlimited plans that allow you to receive unlimited car washes for a set price. Prices and plan options vary by location.

5. Is there a discount for purchasing multiple car washes at once?
Yes, Mister Car Wash offers prepaid wash cards that can be purchased in bulk, providing a discount on each individual wash. The amount of the discount varies depending on the number of washes purchased.

6. Are there any promotions or coupons available for car washes at Mister Car Wash?
Yes, Mister Car Wash frequently offers promotions and coupons for their services. These can be found on their website or through their email newsletter.

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