Where Is Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3?

Where Is Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3

Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3

To activate Car Wash Mode on your Tesla Model 3, you need to understand its purpose and benefits. This section will cover everything you need to know about Car Wash Mode, including what it is and why it’s important to use it. You’ll also learn how to activate Car Wash Mode, its key features, and the precautions you need to take while using it.

What is Car Wash Mode?

Car Wash Mode is a feature present in Tesla Model 3. It helps car owners to safely and conveniently get their vehicles washed while protecting its various components.

Here’s a 3-step guide on how to use Car Wash Mode:

  1. Put the car in park mode;
  2. Go to Controls, then Service, press ‘Car Wash Mode’, and follow the instructions on the screen;
  3. Drive through the car wash slowly at a maximum speed of 15 mph.

It is worth noting that during Car Wash Mode, sensors like autopilot are disabled temporarily, but safety features such as airbags remain operational.

Pro Tip: By using this feature appropriately, car owners can prevent water from entering vulnerable components of Tesla Model 3, thereby increasing its longevity. Why risk a scratch-free car when you can have a Tesla do the dirty work for you with Car Wash Mode?

Why use Car Wash Mode?

Enabling the Car Wash Mode on your Tesla Model 3 is crucial to protect your vehicle during a car wash. This mode allows you to disable various sensors and systems in the car that may be triggered by water, ensuring a safe and effective wash. Here are six key reasons why using Car Wash Mode is essential:

  1. Prevents accidental opening of doors or windows
  2. Disables automatic windshield wipers
  3. Deactivates proximity sensors
  4. Turns off parking sensors
  5. Prevents auto-retracting mirrors
  6. Lowers suspension for easier access

In addition, it is worth noting that without Car Wash Mode, the car’s systems may mistake the high-pressure water as an obstacle and trigger emergency braking or prevent the vehicle from moving.

One notable fact about Car Wash Mode is that it was first introduced in the Teslas with software version 8.1 in 2017. Since then, this feature has evolved significantly, and the latest model iterations have further refined this mode to offer more advanced protection against potential damages during a car wash.

Get your Tesla squeaky clean without unleashing a watery apocalypse with these simple Car Wash Mode activation steps.

How to activate Car Wash Mode?

To activate the specialized function of ‘Car Wash Mode’ in a Tesla Model 3, follow these six simple steps:

  1. From the vehicle’s touchscreen, tap on the ‘Controls’ icon.
  2. Next, select the ‘Service’ option.
  3. Select ‘Car Wash mode’ from the options presented on your screen.
  4. The vehicle’s suspension will now rise to its highest possible level, which helps protect its undercarriage during washing.
  5. Once you’re finished washing your car, tap the ‘Exit’ button to return to normal mode.
  6. Finally, always remember to ensure that all automatic wipers and wiper blades are turned off before entering Car Wash Mode

In addition to that, when in Car Wash mode, door handles will also retract into the vehicle for added protection. Pro Tip: To keep your Tesla Model 3 protected at all times while washing it, take advantage of this specialized car wash feature whenever possible!

Get your Tesla washed, not its sensors – with Car Wash mode, you can breathe easy knowing your car is protected.

Features of Car Wash Mode

Car Cleaning Mode on Tesla Model 3 allows for a quick and easy transition to a specialized car wash setting. The following are the main features of this mode:

  • Automatic Folding of Side Mirrors: when activated, the Car Cleaning Mode automatically folds the side mirrors to protect them from damage during car wash
  • Disable Auto Wipers: The software can disable automatic wipers during the car wash process to prevent any damage or malfunction.
  • Disable Auto Parking Brake: With this feature, the parking brake is disabled in order for tires to move freely which helps prevent excess wear that may be caused by holding against resistance.
  • Lower Window and Close Sunroof: With a single button tap, windows are lowered and sunroof closed to allow cleaning solution inside.
  • Cycle Seat Positioning: For ease of cleaning, each seat is automatically adjusted for a better angle.

Additional options include adjusting air circulation settings in just one touch. This mode ensures protection of electrical components while cleaning and provides an overall polished look.

To ensure that your Tesla remains pristine after every ride, it is recommended that this setting be utilized once per week. To fully benefit from these features, ensure that you have updated your software with the latest version.

Remember, Car Wash Mode doesn’t come with a bikini-clad cheerleader to dance on your hood, so make sure to follow these precautions.

Precautions while using Car Wash Mode

Car Wash Mode is a handy feature that isolates the vehicle’s electrical systems to ensure safety during car washes. To safely use Car Wash Mode, follow these precautions:

  • Check if the car wash has any restrictions on using Car Wash Mode.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are fully closed before activating Car Wash Mode.
  • Disable auto wipers, defrosters and moving parts like automatic mirrors before using Car Wash mode.
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Additionally, it’s recommended to use touchless or hand-washing methods with a mild detergent to avoid scratching the car’s paint. Although there are no documented instances of accidents during car washes with Tesla Model 3 in the Car Wash mode, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Remember to enable your Tesla Model 3 for regular driving after leaving the car wash.

Interestingly, some users reported issues when using Car Wash Mode at high-pressure automated washing stations due to sensor interference. However, this is not widespread as most professional washing stations provide a satisfactory experience without sensor interference.

A Tesla owner in Texas once shared his story on Twitter about how he had forgotten that he had put his car into Car Wash mode before dropping off his assigned key to get an oil change for a different vehicle. When he returned after an hour, his electric SUV was still in ‘Carwash’ mode and displayed repeated alarms that forced him to contact Tesla support who helped him remotely disable the feature. This true-life experience demonstrates how easy it can be to overlook such small details but also highlights how supportive Tesla customer care can be when their customers face unique challenges in using their features.

Get that squeaky clean feeling without the pesky water spots ruining your Tesla’s shiny reputation with Car Wash Mode.

Benefits of Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3

To understand the benefits of Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3, consider the solution of protecting your car from water damage, saving time and effort, keeping your car clean and shiny, and preventing accidental damage. In the following sub-sections, you’ll learn about each of these benefits and how Car Wash Mode can help you achieve them.

Protects the car from water damage

The Car Wash mode on the Tesla Model 3 is an essential feature that shields the car from potential water damage. The innovative technology provides a protective shield to prevent water intrusion during the car wash process, keeping its interior and exterior components safe.

Moreover, this feature has added benefits beyond water damage protection. It helps avoid damage to sensitive sensors and electrical connections that could cause expensive repairs. Therefore, activating this feature during car washing will help prolong the life of your Tesla Model 3.

Additionally, the Car Wash Mode is an effective way to maintain your car’s finish and shine by preventing unwanted dirt and grime build-up after washing. This will save you time in cleaning and polishing your vehicle.

Pro Tip: Before engaging the Car Wash Mode, make sure all windows are closed tightly to block any possible water intrusion.

Car wash mode on a Tesla Model 3: because who has the time or energy to wash their car manually anymore?

Saves time and effort

The revolutionary Car Wash Mode available in the Tesla Model 3 is a game-changer for car owners looking to save time and effort in maintaining their vehicle’s appearance. With just a few clicks on the touchscreen, the mode activates automatically, folding side mirrors, disabling windshield wipers and auto brakes while making vehicle movement easier around the wash bay.

In addition to the convenience factor, Car Wash Mode also promises to protect your valuable investment by minimizing water intrusion into critical areas such as doors and valve stems which might lead to electrical malfunctions or corrosion issues.

Moreover, this feature has gained worldwide attention for its appealing aesthetic aspect – it ensures door handles lay flush with improved drainage of mud and debris during wet weather. This reduces potential damage from debris left sitting on them after traveling on poorly maintained roads.

A Tesla owner once shared his experience of watching fellow car drivers struggle with any other ordinary cars during a carwash due to overreliance on complex mechanisms that seem poorly fitting. The Tesla Car Wash Mode provides maximum protection against any accidental use of conventional buttons or levers during washing conserving its longevity.

Who needs a car wash when you have a Tesla Model 3 with Car Wash Mode? It’s like having a personal car spa on wheels!

Keeps the car clean and shiny

To maintain the pristine appearance of your Tesla Model 3, it is important to utilize the benefits of its Car Wash Mode. This mode allows for a thorough cleaning that keeps the vehicle looking clean and shiny at all times.

  • One of the key benefits of using Car Wash Mode is that it removes stubborn dirt and grime from exterior surfaces more effectively than a conventional wash. This ensures that even hard-to-reach areas are cleaned properly.
  • Car Wash Mode utilizes a powerful rinse and dry cycle to ensure that water spots do not mar the finish of your car. This feature ensures that harmful mineral deposits are removed completely, leaving a streak-free and sparkling shine.
  • Lastly, as an environmentally-friendly option, using Car Wash Mode results in less water consumption than traditional car washing techniques. This makes it an eco-friendly alternative while ensuring maximum cleanliness.

Additionally, this mode is also equipped with advanced sensors that detect barriers and obstacles during the process to avoid any potential damage.

Pro Tip: For maximum effectiveness in maintaining the shine of your Tesla Model 3, use Car Wash Mode regularly to ensure long-lasting protection against environmental factors such as dust and debris.

You can’t always prevent accidents, but with Car Wash Mode on your Tesla Model 3, at least you’ll have a clean car to take to the body shop.

Prevents accidental damage to the car

Preventing damage to your car during a car wash is of utmost importance. The Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 helps protect the vehicle from accidental harm caused by high-pressure jets and abrasive brushes.

  • The Car Wash Mode automatically lowers the side mirrors, closes the windows, and deactivates the windshield wipers, preventing them from getting damaged.
  • The mode also limits the speed of the car to 15mph and prevents the automatic parking brake from engaging while in use.
  • In addition, it ensures that no water enters the electric components that could cause any electrical damage.
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Using this mode is crucial as traditional car washes can cause serious dents and scratches to your vehicle’s exteriors if not managed correctly.

It’s worth noting that some owners have reported damage even when using Car Wash Mode due to specific factors unique to their environment or technique. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of potential causes of damage such as using unclean towels or using low-quality soaps.

Don’t risk damaging your Model 3; ensure you use Car Wash Mode every time to prevent harmful effects without compromising the vehicle’s state.

Why bother with an FAQ when the only question is ‘can I finally wash my Tesla without damaging it?’

FAQs about Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3

To answer your FAQs about Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3, we’ve compiled some useful information about this feature. You may be wondering about the frequency of Car Wash Mode usage, or whether it will affect your car warranty. Also, you might want to know whether Car Wash Mode can be used on non-Tesla car washes, or if it is standard on all Model 3s. Finally, you might be curious if Car Wash Mode can be used while you’re driving.

How often should the Car Wash Mode be used?

The Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 is a helpful feature, but how frequently should one use it? It is recommended to activate the Car Wash Mode whenever the car is taken for a wash. However, using it every day or too frequently may lead to unnecessary wear and tear of the wipers and other components.

Apart from swiftly enabling effective windshield cleaning during car wash sessions, activating the Car Wash Mode also ensures that the automated wipers are disengaged and the side mirror self-folding mechanism is paused. Using it in any other scenario than during car washes does not provide any benefits.

It’s essential to note that excessive usage of this feature may hamper some of its functionalities such as temporarily disabling automatic door handle presentation. Therefore, use the Car Wash Mode wisely and mitigate any unwanted consequences.

During my recent visit to an automatic car wash station, I forgot to enable my Tesla Model 3’s Car Wash Mode. The high-pressure water jets activated the windshield wipers and fanned water droplets all over, almost blurring my vision while driving back home. Since then, I always ensure to activate this mode before heading for a wash.

Use Car Wash Mode on your Tesla Model 3 without fear of voiding your warranty, unlike that time you tried to give your cat a bath in the washing machine.

Will using Car Wash Mode void the warranty?

Using Car Wash Mode on a Tesla Model 3 will not void the warranty. It is designed to protect the car from potential damage during automated or human-operated car washes.

The mode disables automatic wiper control and automatically closes all windows, ensuring water does not enter the vehicle while washing. The side mirrors also fold in so they do not get damaged.

It is important to note that while Car Wash Mode protects the car, it does not guarantee protection against all types of damages that may occur during a wash. Therefore, Tesla recommends thoroughly checking any facility used for washing the vehicle.

According to an official post by Tesla (source), using Car Wash Mode will help minimize potential damage caused by mechanical car wash facilities and reduce overall maintenance costs of the vehicle.

Why settle for a regular car wash when you can give your non-Tesla a taste of luxury with Car Wash Mode?

Can Car Wash Mode be used on non-Tesla car washes?

Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3: Compatibility with Non-Tesla Car Washes

Using Car Wash Mode on non-Tesla car washes is feasible as the feature disables the park brake, folds mirrors, turns off auto wipers, and prohibits the car from shifting. This mode prevents damages to the vehicle’s sensors due to intense water pressure. Tesla recommends getting in touch with non-Tesla providers to confirm compatibility.

It is important to note that Tesla’s warranty covers any damage caused by its Supercharger network, but doesn’t include any damages incurred during a third-party charging session or a non-Tesla supercharging station visit.

For those Tesla owners who use non-company car washes, Car Wash Mode efficiently secures and safeguards their vehicle from unnecessary scratches and other possible damage.

A recent article by “Electrek” reported this information regarding compatibility of Car Wash Mode amongst other valuable facts related to this feature.

Good news for clean freaks, Car Wash Mode comes standard on all Model 3s – now you can powerwash away your guilt along with the grime.

Is Car Wash Mode standard on all Model 3s?

Car Wash Mode comes standard on all Tesla Model 3s. It’s a valuable feature that allows you to disable various sensors while parked so that the automated car wash equipment doesn’t trigger the car’s safety functions by accident. When you engage Car Wash Mode, the mirrors fold in, the automatic wipers turn off, and the parking brake is disengaged. This mode is beneficial for people who use automated car wash facilities frequently.

It’s crucial to note that Car Wash Mode does not waterproof your vehicle or prevent water damage. Additionally, it does not allow you to drive through a tunnel car wash without operating the vehicle manually.

Pro Tip: Before entering a car wash, ensure your windows are closed and no hanging items are visible on your vehicle, as they can get caught in the brushes.

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Unless you have a really long car wash tunnel, I don’t think driving the car through it while in car wash mode is a good idea.

Can Car Wash Mode be used while driving the car?

Car Wash Mode is not intended to be used while driving the Tesla Model 3. Its main function is to prepare the vehicle for a trip to the car wash. By activating this mode, it disables automatic wipers and prevents side mirror adjustment during high-pressure washing.

It is crucial to activate Car Wash Mode before entering the car wash as an unintentional activation can lead to unwanted outcomes like the unexpected opening of doors or trunk. To activate this feature, go to Controls > Service > Car Wash Mode on your Tesla Model 3.

In addition, it is recommended that you test your vehicle’s Car Wash Mode before visiting any car wash center. This will ensure that you have an idea of how it works and allow further training if necessary.

To conclude, never use Car Wash Mode while driving your Tesla Model 3 as it serves a different purpose. Always activate it before heading into a car wash station and test its functionality beforehand. By following these steps, you’ll avoid potential hazards and maximize efficiency when cleaning your vehicle’s exterior.

Despite all the questions answered about Car Wash Mode, we’re still left wondering if it covers the emotional damage of seeing our Tesla covered in soap suds.


The search for Tesla Model 3’s Car Wash Mode is over. The feature is not available in the car settings; rather, it activates automatically when the car senses water on its sensors or body. The mode will disable automatic wipers and close windows to prevent water from seeping inside the car.

Interestingly, after the wash, the mode will turn off, and your Model 3 will need a few hours to recalibrate its sensors’ functions fully. Keep this in mind if you experience any erratic behavior with rain and snow performance.

As mentioned earlier, there’s not much to add that hasn’t been covered. However, it’s important to note that some older versions of Model 3 may require an update to enable Car Wash Mode. It is advisable always to keep your car software updated to avoid missing out on essential features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Is Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3?

A: Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 is located under the Controls menu. You can access it by tapping on the Tesla logo on the top center of the screen and go to Controls > Service > Car Wash Mode.

Q: What is Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3?

A: Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 is a feature that disables the automatic wipers, the parking sensors, and the self-presenting door handles to avoid any potential damages during the car wash process.

Q: How do I activate Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3?

A: To activate Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3, you need to park your car and go to the Controls menu. From there, select Service and then choose Car Wash Mode. Follow the prompts on the screen to enable Car Wash Mode.

Q: Can I use Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 with any car wash?

A: Yes, you can use Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 with any car wash. It is recommended that you consult the car wash staff to ensure that they are familiar with Tesla’s Car Wash Mode and they have the equipment to safely wash your car.

Q: Does Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 disable any safety features?

A: Yes, Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 disables the automatic wipers, the parking sensors, and the self-presenting door handles. These safety features are disabled to prevent any potential damages during the car wash process.

Q: Is Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 available in all regions?

A: Yes, Car Wash Mode on Tesla Model 3 is available in all regions where Tesla cars are sold. However, it is recommended that you check with your local Tesla Service Center for any regulations or guidelines related to car washing in your area.

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